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Butts   Threatens
To Have Residents Arrested  If  They Criticize Him In Meetings!

On 10-4-22, one month before his try at reelection, candidate James Butts stated in a City Council meeting that he would not allow anyone to criticize him or any council member in meetings! He said he'd mute their microphone and have them arrested if they din't leave the podium!  Butts was reelected with barely half of the votes, more than 30% less than his last try!

  January 2023! 


Looking like a 300 lb 8 year-old, Butts nervously waits to be judged on a "Domestic Violence" restraining order filed against him.  See how scared he looks in this video!

Credit for both the above picture and video is given to the blog-site...

In Meetings, he's a Bully.

In a  Court-house, he's a Punk!


Election 2022:  James Butts barely avoids
run-off election with only
53.66% of the vote!!!!!




James Butts:
"Mass Murder


James  Butts Negligently and illegally
AN  L.A.P.D  Officer,  and then  blames the  officer!

Click  here
to   see   all   the evidence    that   crooked  mayor 
James       Butts and  his  kiss up supporters    do promote and
/or actually engage in violence and/ or intimidation against    Butts' critics. 

        In October of 2023, it was reported by  2  media outlets, The LA Wave newspaper and the website "2urbangirls" that the City of Inglewood has offered $425,000.00 to the injured female victim of  James Butts'  "Reckless Driving."  The case against Butts for the disabling the police officer  has not been settled yet.

Question?  Will the murderers of these 4 victims ever be found?  Not if the impetus of that search are the lazy, prejudiced views of  James Butts, who apparently believes that "black people" will always kill "black people."

(see his posting below)




     *First,  a  disclaimer...  This website stands behind every  video,  opinion  and  criticism  regarding  James  T.  Butts.  However, this 2022 Facebook posting was so shocking, so insulting to Inglewood's residents, that it was not placed on this website for months, to see if it could be disproved that it was actually posted by... James T. Butts.   No such proof was ever found and no word of any denial from James T. Butts that he was the author has even rumored to have occurred.  And there is overwhelming evidence that he is in fact the author of this cynical, irresponsible and... racially prejudiced post.

       Please read, what certainly appears to be, a reasonable request by a citizen for Inglewood's Mayor and Police Dept. to work to decrease homicides in Inglewood, with no specific race of the killers or victims mentioned.  Victims of homicides in Inglewood are NOT just African-American.  And because the killers are very rarely identified, they could also be of a number of races and ethnicities.  But in a response to the citizen's request, James T. Butts, for some unknown reason, sharpens the subject to say that the public should not expect a Mayor and Police Department to  have  any  way to,  or  even  have  any  opinion on how  to,  decrease,  specifically,  "Black on Black" killings. Yes, James Butts specifically    referred  to   "...stopping black  people from killing black    people." He didn't  mention Latinos killing Latinos or white     people  killing  white or Latino or black people, or asians     killing  anyone or being killed by  anyone who weren't black.

He ONLY mentioned "...stopping   black  people from killing      black  people," as if those are the only people who are killed or do the killings in Inglewood, which they are NOT.

        James  Butts'  first  campaign  for  mayor  focused on his

being a law  enforcement  expert who knew  how to  make the

city safer, and while as Mayor, Butts regularly reminds everyone about all his police experience. But in his posting, James T. Butts appears to imply, as unbelievable as it is that any mayor would imply such a thing, that reducing any "black" deaths in Inglewood  would  be... impossible.

     James Butts basically tells the citizen, "Hey, there are always going to be a lot of black people murdered in Inglewood, you want to decrease murders in Inglewood?  You do it!"    Yes, that's "mayor," James T. Butts, saying that.  What more evidence is needed to prove that James Butts is not focused, not competent, or even cares about, the important issues that all mayors are REQUIRED to address.



This  is  the  picture and title on one of James Butts' accounts, the same exact picture on  theposting above.

    ***The posting above is so heinous that if James Butts ever does provide evidence that he  didn't author  it,  and its been a while since he posted it, his  denial  will  be  posted  in the body of this passage.  But it would be very hard to fake this posting;  it has his name, corresponding  to  his  current Facebook  account,  that had other recent postings  and  it  has his  personal picture on it.   It  seems  very unlikely that "Mayor" James Butts would allow a fake account with his name and picture on it to remain active.



               James  Butts Loses

An Historic Law Suit on August  20, 2015 !!!!

HE Doesn't Appeal the Decision !!

FACT!   Crooked Mayor James Butts ended up spending almost $200,000.00 in precious tax dollars on a frivolous lawsuit to destroy (and remove from the internet) some of the incriminating Youtube videos about him on this very website. Inglewood's City Council was the first city council in U.S. history to sue for copyright to keep public records, parts of city council videos,  from being used for political speech.


   On August 20, 2015 Judge Michael Fitzgerald stated that the videos in question, found on this site, represent "...core First Amendment speech commenting on political affairs and matters of public concern" and later penalized the Council   $117,000.00   for filing a frivolous lawsuit.


 James T. Butts Jr. is an  angry  and dishonest man

with a dark and scandalous past.


James T. Butts Jr. has deliberately violated the Law and Civil Rights as a cop and as a Mayor.

As Santa Monica's Police Chief, the case "Butts v. McNally" proved that James Butts betrayed

the trust of Santa Monica's citizens by deliberately  violating  the  Law  and  Civil  Rights.

As Inglewood's Mayor, James Butts has repeatedly  betrayed  the trust of those who voted for him. 

James Butts has repeatedly lied  to Inglewood's residents and paid others to do the same. 

Butts has  illegally  abused his power as Council Chairman to bully and intimidate residents.

 Butts has repeatedly helped hide  dangerous  police misconduct with  violations  of State Laws.  

The L.A. County D.A. found that  James Butts violated the Law and Civil Rights in Inglewood.

Butts has used Inglewood's tax dollars as his own personal legal defense fund.

Butts has used Inglewood's tax dollars as his own personal  publicity fund.

Butts used almost $200,000.00 of those tax dollars on a frivolous lawsuit to limit Free Speech

James T. Butts Jr. does not respect Inglewood's residents, the Law, Civil Rights or his position.

This unethical, immoral, illegal and un-American conduct cannot  be tolerated from a Mayor.

  The picture showing a scowling James Butts in a white jacket, shirt and black and white tie, shows him lying, telling the public that there were no 911 tapes proving that IPD officers repeatedly failed to investigate a shooting, a shooting that an IPD Captain said he thought was an Felony that could have resulted in a murder.  That Captain, Martin Sissac, who knew there were shell casings collected by officers, later lied in a Council meeting and said there was no evidence of a shooting. 


      James  Butts  repeatedly  helped IPD  illegally  hide  those  911 tapes for about 9 months.    


      In those tapes,  you  hear  IPD officers say things like that IPD can't even investigate any shooting unless the victim,  the person who was shot or shot at, calls them, and that if a person does get shot  at, there must be a good reason why it happened.    


      You can hear  IPD officers make those, and many other incriminating statements, at:

     Also,  you can  see James  Butts lying  in another City Council meeting just a few months later,  stuttering as he nervously admits to everyone that the 911 tapes he said didn't even exist, did  actually exist after all, and proved serious misconduct by I.P.D..    
     In the video below,  you also hear Mr. James Butts  clumsily  lying, trying to establish  an  alibi  for IPD,  the City Attorney, the Police Chief, the City Clerk and himself for their  repeated lies and  violations of State Law.  See and hear all this at:

This Document Is Just One Of Many Which Prove That James Butts Violates Civil Rights!

Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office report about James T. Butts Jr.



On November 12th, 2013, the letter to the left was sent to Inglewood's City Council by the specific division of the L.A.County D.A.'s office that investigates "Fraud" and "Corruption" by public officials.


In the 4-page letter, the D.A. repeatedly  condemns  James Butts' actions as  illegal  and documents  the  well-known fact  that Butts  abuses  his power as Council Chairman to mislead the public, quiet those who criticize him or his allies, or who expose serious issues that Butts and the City Council have refused to address. The letter states that James Butts repeatedly violated  the Law and Civil Rights


James Butts has done this for years, with shameless impunity.  However,, but   although he reduced the amount of illegal actions he engaged in temporarily right after the DA found him guilty, James Butts soon was right back doing what he loves to do, abuse his power as Mayor to violate the Law and Civil Rights to hide his misconduct and any information that he doesn't want the public to know about.


What we want to do:​

Provide  all  the  citizens  of  Inglewood  with  as much as possible  of  the  important  evidence of the unethical, immoral and illegal misconduct of Inglewood's current Mayor, James T. Butts Jr.

What we want from you:

Just an open-minded review of the documented facts.   All of the highlighted issues about James Butts on this website have been well-documented, sometimes by many very reputable local and national sources, like articles in the  Los Angeles Times, the Daily Breeze, the Washington Post, the Sacramento Bee, Fox News, CBS News, ABC News, KTLA News, KCET, the National Coalition Against Censorship, the First Amendment Coalition, the ACLU, entries in the Yale Law Journal, decisions  of the California Appeals Court, United States Federal Court, the  United States Supreme Court, etc., etc., etc.  They also include documents and reports by the  Los Angeles County  District Attorney's Office, the County Registrar's Office  and  even  the United States Justice Department.  All other issues and incidents described are supported by either first hand accounts, legal documents, hundreds of official City of Inglewood reports, documents and videotapes of Inglewood City Council meetings.  You can rely on the veracity of our reports!


We believe that any reasonable person will recognize that  James T. Butts Jr. has  repeatedly acted immorally, unethically  and  illegally  and  that  this  obviously disqualifies him from continuing as Inglewood's Mayor, let alone being elected to another term as Mayor.

What we want to happen:
We want James Butts' misconduct to be public knowledge, so that Law enforcement will take action and that citizens in Inglewood and all over America will come to the realization that they should pick... Anybody But James Butts for Anything.  Please help us make that happen!

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